Lighting workshop at Adamton House

After receiving a lot of requests from photographers asking if I could run a workshop on photographic lighting I recently run one at Adamton House - a beautiful venue, set in 12 acres in the beautiful Ayrshire countryside and easily accessible by road and rail. This late 19th-century building is perfect for dramatic shots, as well as having high enough ceilings that I could fit my lightstands without hitting the ceilings. I booked two beautiful models, Alana and Zoi. Both girls worked extremely hard and everyone who attended went away with some great shots.
We covered a range of set-ups ranging from shooting with a single, bare speedlite to multiple light set-ups with a variety of modifiers and showed how we could get great results from relatively inexpensive kit, as well as some more costly equipment. I'll add a kit list at the end of this blog post for those who may be interested. I have to say a huge Thank You to:
Joanna Prescious - makeup 
Alan from Wimborne Photography - assistant and behind-the-scenes photos
and Craig from Wedding Cars Ayrshire for collecting Zoi from Glasgow Airport (she flew in from Europe that morning) and for allowing us to use his new Mercedes S-Class limo to demonstrate lighting outdoors on location.
Feedback from everyone who attended the workshop has been very positive and I've had several requests for other workshops, so stay tuned for more as they come along. 
I'll leave you with some behind-the-scenes photos from the day, and a few shots I took of the models once the workshop had finished.

Some of the lighting equipment we used.

Taking a flash reading using a Sekonic light-meter.

Demonstrating the difference between a bare speed lite and one with a shoot-through umbrella fitted.
Having two models allowed me to do comparison shoots like this, as well as allowing the photographers more time to shoot as they could be split into smaller groups.

Putting it into practice as we moved from the 'studio' environment and used the techniques discussed in a practical situation. This also allowed me to demonstrate how we can use off-camera flash to create depth in an image by lighting areas of the background.

Shooting outdoors with a nice, shiny new Mercedes S-Class limo.

A shot taken by Alan from Wimborne Photography.

Some of my shots taken using a couple of the lighting set-ups we covered.

Our incredible makeup artist, Joanna.

Thanks to Joanna for these behind-the-scenes shots

The G demonstrated some techniques while I talked everyone through them.

Thanks to everyone who came along and those who helped make the day a huge success!

As several photographers have enquired about the possibility of running a boudoir photography workshop - as bridal boudoir shoots are becoming increasingly popular, I took some shots of Zoi to demonstrate what can be achieved relatively easily. If you are interested in this, or any other training/ workshop, please email: 

Kit list:

Yongnuo speedlites
Godox AD360
PixaPro CITI600
Genesis AS250 studio strobes

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