2016 - The end of year roundup

Well, 2016 has certainly been a memorable year! As it draws into the final few hours, it's normal for us to look back and review the good times and the bad - hopefully, there are more of the former and less of the latter.
This year I've been fortunate enough that my photography has taken me all across the UK shooting from the Scottish Highlands all the way down to Dorset, as well as shooting, again, on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. I've been lucky enough to photograph the new President of America, Donald Trump, as he opened his new Turnberry Golf Course, as well as having a couple of incredible actors in front of my lens, who have starred in movies such as Braveheart ( my all-time favourite), Gangs of New York and Layer Cake - thanks to James Robinson and Rab Affleck for putting up with my nonsense and OCD with making sure that the lighting was absolutely perfect. I was also given the opportunity to photograph some members of our armed forces, as well as veterans dating back to WW2, as part of my 'In the corridors of history' project which resulted in two books being produced and given to the Scots Guards Regimental Headquarters as part of their archives. These are men whose names you will probably never know about - they're certainly not celebrities, politicians or big movie stars, but they are men who I am proud to know and have served alongside many of them and it was an honour to document such an important event for them - even more so as my Dad (a WW2 veteran) was among those I got to photograph.
2016 has also seen me running my first photography training workshop, which was a great success and there will definitely be more events of this nature in the future (the first of which is already scheduled for January 2017). I've met so many incredible people, had the pleasure of sharing some amazing times with them and made some good friends along the way, which is one of the great parts of this life I'm fortunate enough to live.
By far, the greatest thing to happen this year - from a personal point of view - was my eldest Daughter, Regina (aka The G) not only starting to shoot weddings with me (at the tender age of just 9yrs) but her work went viral over the summer months! If you're bored, and fancy finding out what all the fuss was about, just Google 'Regina Wyllie' - theres plenty to read. Through this exposure, her Instagram account rocketed to almost 8,000 followers, while she was interviewed for TV stations, newspapers & magazines across the world and was even asked to photograph an event with the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, for a magazine! She also had more of her work being used by the Worlds greatest camera bag company, ThinkTank Photo, and was even spotted by the Microsoft HQ, who gifted a top of the range Surface Pro 4 to help her along! As a long-term Apple Mac user, I have to say that this incredible tool has really impressed me and it's great to watch her working away on her own as she learns all about editing in Lightroom and Photoshop - thanks to Glyn Dewis & Scott Kelby, after Glyn spotted her answering some really tricky questions at a seminar organised by the Guild of Photographers (who also gave G an honorary membership for her hard work!) Sorry if I've spent more time going on about Reginas achievements this year than anything I've done, but at the end of the day I'm a Dad who is incredibly proud of what she has achieved. The only downside is that her 6yr old Sister is now chasing at her heels! This is costing me a fortune for cameras & lenses :(
With such a huge year behind us, 2017 is shaping up to be something extra special. So, on behalf of my family and I, wish you all a very happy Ne'erday (as we say in Scotland) and may 2017 be everything you want it to be.
I'll leave you with a mixture of my favourite shots from 2016 - some are from work, some are family snaps and there are a few behind-the-scenes shots in there too.

 The G and I at her first wedding - Could I be any more proud?

Documenting my new set of bagpipes being made.

Rab Affleck - real-life hard-man & champion boxer, turned movie star.

In the corridors of history.
Serving & veteran members of the Scots Guards

The G in action of a photoshoot in Bulgaria

Actor James Robinson, who played the young William Wallace in Braveheart.

Mini-me learning the family business at the age of 6yrs :)

HRH The Duke of Kent

When The G met the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.


Making a fraction of a second... last a lifetime


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