Shooting in an abandoned mental asylum

I recently discovered an abandoned mental asylum, hidden away deep in a forest, which looked like an ideal place to shoot. So, on a freezing cold (-4 degrees c) November afternoon, I managed to persuade one of my regular models, Aimee, to venture into the depths of this spooky old building. Despite carrying my lights and assorted modifiers with me, I decided to just use the ambient light of the ruins to try and capture the true ambience of the place.
All except one shot (which was taken on my X100T) were taken on a Fujifilm X-Pro2 with XF56mm f1.2 & XF16mm f1.4 lenses and edited in lightroom. For the colour shots I tried some presets from Histos, and found one or two which, after a wee bit of tweaking to suit my personal taste, suited the vision I had for the finished shots. The black & white versions were created using the Acros emulation in Lightroom and tweaked to my own taste.
As a point of safety, be careful when exploring old buildings like this as many have unstable walls, ceilings and floors, which can collapse at any time. Whilst I'm all for pursuing a unique shot, keep yourself, your models/ assistants/ hair & makeup team, safe at all times.

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