Fujifilm users have long been searching for that holy grail of a system which will allow us to use high speed sync with our cameras. Until now, the X100T was the only way forward, as its leaf shutter allows sync at all speeds. Add the code angle & tele converters and you have a handy wee system which can kill sunlight with some really cheap speedlites) I've been using my Yongnuo 560 III's for over a year now and it's a very effective system. However, thats far from perfect and not the most flexible solution. So, when Cactus announced that their new V6 mk2 transceiver would use a blend of witchcraft, voodoo and black magic to smash the sync speeds of 1/180 sec everyone held their breath! A couple of days ago, my V6 mk2's arrived, along with one of Cactus' RF60 speedlites and I couldn't wait to try them out. After updating the firmware on them, I found that it worked with no dramas whatsoever (apart from one of the units being faulty) and the working transceiver will happily allow the RF60 to sync all the way to 1/4000 sec.
In the Flash & Camera setup menu, you set the camera to Fujifilm, the flash system to Nikon and the Nikon speedlite model to Auto, then return to the main screen, press the flywheel and the display tells you that Forced HSS is ON. That's it! You're ready to rock & roll. In my trials at home I have also attached my Godox trigger to the transceivers hotshoe and this also allows me to fire my Godox AD360s in high speed sync mode as well - bonus!
After a day of heavy rain I managed to get outside close to sunset in order to try it out in a 'live' situation, using my dogs as ever-willing models (I wouldn't say that I take a lot of photographs of them, but every time I take a camera out of a bag now they all just sit down and look straight at me!) In order to get usable images so late in the day, I ended up using ISO2500 to allow 1/4000 sec. This is not something which I can see me doing to do too often but was only to illustrate that HSS works with this set up. Here's a quick YouTube video to let you see how it went (excuse the itching and scratching, but as I say in the video, the Scottish midges were out in force tonight and I'm covered in bites)

And a few sample images to finish off with:

1/2000 sec, f2.8, ISO1600

1/4000 sec, f2.8, ISO2500

1/2000, f2.8, ISO1600

With a little bit of luck, the weather will be nicer tomorrow and I can get outside to see how they perform with the fast-aperture prime lenses. If I do, I'll update this post with some more samples.


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