How a 9-yr old shot a wedding using the Fujifilm X-T1

Those of you who follow my Facebook page will be aware that I recently shot a wedding with my eldest Daughter, Regina, as 2nd shooter. Whilst I don't advocate child labour (she's only 9yrs of age), and I would never never have thought of taking her along to a full wedding, it was the bride & grooms request, when they booked me, that she shoot with me as they'd seen some of her work previously and wanted their wedding to be her first (they're also close family friends). Now, let me point out here that Regina first picked up one of my compact cameras at the age of just 3 and started asking questions about taking photos and setting cameras pretty soon afterwards. She then progressed onto trying my DSLRs (before I moved over to the Fujifilm X-series cameras), as both my girls have been brought up around cameras, so she began going into my bags, lifting a camera out and asking me to show her how to use it. Since then she has been on fashion & portrait shoots, shot the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup at Fort William as well as Trooping the Colour parade in London and even came along to a Trash the Dress shoot at the age of just 7 and shoots everything on full-manual control, like her Dad does. That Trash the Dress shoot recently resulted in an email from ThinkTank Photo as they wanted to use her photo for a new Facebook advert because I was wearing one of their Skin Set belt systems in the pic.

Our local newspaper heard about this and ran an article on her, which was also mirrored by a national newspaper, the Daily Record:

So, on April 15th we headed for the Fenwick Hotel - a lovely local venue, where the ceremony and reception were taking place. After a wee walk around where we talked about how we would shoot the day it was time to head to the bridal suite and start work. Throughout the day, Regina carried her cameras (a Fujifilm X-T1 & XF35mm f1.4 and X-E1 & XF18mm f2) in her new ThinkTank LilyDeanne Lucido camera bag - courtesy of the wonderful guys at ThinkTank Photo, who insisted that if she was shooting a wedding she needed to have a nice bag to take with her :)

So, how did she do? Well, she did her own thing with no input from me at all (the bride & groom will be more than happy to verify this for those who may not believe me) and set up some really nice shots which I actually wish I had thought of! On top of that she caught a helluva lot of images which I simply couldn't as I was often too busy with the bride & groom.

As she's still learning how to edit using Lightroom, I'll admit that I did guide her a wee bit through the editing process, but these screenshots will, hopefully, show that there really wasn't much done to them except a wee bit of warming up, some tweaks to the highlight & shadow areas and a slight reduction in vibrance & saturation:

Well, if you've read this far (Thank You if you have) I guess you'll want to see some of her work? Here you go:

These are just some of her shots, as she ended up with 196 colour shots and 42 black & white ones which made the grade. Nothing was missed from bridal prep, through the ceremony & bridal portraits all the way to the evening reception.  I'll finish with these words which the Groom sent me when he saw Reginas shots:
"A few of them brought a tear to my eye. I really can't thank you enough"

Making a fraction of a second... last a lifetime


  1. Great job, Regina! Move over, dad. :-)

    1. lol, yeah it won't be too far away ;)

  2. Fantastic wee lass , you must be proud of her.Lovely article too .
    More power to you both.

    1. Thanks John, yeah super proud of my big girl :)
      All the best

  3. Wonderful work, and I will agree with the groom that some of these images brought a tear to my eye as well. Congratulations on supporting her--you can tell the self-assurance she feels.


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