Ayrshire bridal photoshoot in a building site

A building site may not be the first location that jumps to mind when you think of locations for a bridal fashion shoot in Ayrshire. However, as a Scottish wedding photographer, it often pays to think outside the box. So, the appropriate permission was granted and the team from Ayrshire Magazine found ourselves in an old town hall which is currently being renovated. Among the awesome features of the old building was a very old jail cell which, apparently, is rumoured to be haunted! That guaranteed that it went straight to the top of my list of places we MUST use for the shoot. After our safety briefing (and being issued our hi-visibility vests and hardhats) Debbie, our model,  went into hair & makeup with the wonferfully talented Joanna Prescious as I set one of my Godox AD360 flashes up for the first shot. Initially, I used a Lastolite 8-in-1 umbrella softbox, but once I took the first couple of shots I decided that a beauty dish would work better for what I was after. I let the large windows provide the backlight and a second AD360, fitted with a blue gel, lit the back wall.

We then moved to a fantastic stairway with a huge window helping to provide a backlight. Here, I added another AD360 with a snoot fitted to throw some light on Debbies left side, as we still had a huge window to provide backlight. I switched the lights off to create a silhouette purely for my own use (as it would be of no use to the magazine)

Finally, I got to where I wanted to go - that old jail cell! It was certainly eerie shooting in there and I can only imagine the sights it must have witnessed hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately, the small circular window didn't allow much light to enter the room, so I had to figure out a way to get some extra light behind Debbie. Thanks to the scaffolding outside, it was easy for one of the owners of the magazine, Andrew, to position himself outside with an AD360 which worked perfectly.

All images were shot on Fujifilm X-T1 & X-Pro1 cameras with XF50-140mm f2.8, XF56mm f1.2 & Samyang 12mm f2 lenses. If you'd like to see some behind-the-scenes footage, click this link:

Making a fraction of a second... last a lifetime


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