A magazine photoshoot with the Fujifilm X-T1

As an Ayrshire wedding & portrait photographer,  I've been fortunate enough to be asked to do some photoshoots for a great new local magazine called Ayrshire Magazine over the last few months. I don't normally blog about shoots or weddings, but I'm going to try and do a bit more of it from now on as I'm receiving a lot of enquiries asking how a particular shot was taken or what kit I used.
One of the recent shoots involved some amazing jewellery from Euan McWhirter (http://www.euanmcwhirter.com) and Cherry Soda (http://www.cherrysodajewellery.co.uk). With Kelly Cripps as our stylist and the Rainbow Rooms International in Ayr (https://www.rainbowroominternational.com) on hair, our model - Abbie from Colours Model Agency - looked amazing.
My weapon of choice was a Fujifilm X-T1 and the incredible 60mm f2.4 macro lens. Yes, I know that a macro lens isn't everyones first choice for a portrait lens, and the new 56mm f1.2 is a great lens, but a) I own the 60mm and b) it's sharp as hell! So, that's how I rolled. I used a single strobe, fitted with  a reflector dish and grid for a directional, contrasty look which had been part of the brief. A Lastolite Tri-grip reflector was added, when required, to fill in the shadows. For a couple of the shots I moved Abbie next to a large window and shot using just that and the reflector (that'll be the high-key black & white shots then :) )
Four shots made it into the magazine, each as a full-page shot, and now that the issue has ben published I'm delighted to be able to show them here, along with some of my personal favourites which weren't chosen.

Making a fraction of a second... last a lifetime


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