Happy 3rd Birthday!

On this day in 2011, a dream became a reality.
After many years of working to improve my photographic technique and building a brand name, I finally took the scary step of becoming a full-time professional photographer!
Since then, I have faced hard times without making a penny and long periods where I wondered if I was doing the right thing by trying to deliver the very best work I could for a realistic price. I got frustrated when I saw a never-ending stream of people who just bought a camera, set it to auto-everything, took average snaps and charged pennies - they sure as hell were shooting more jobs than I was, so maybe THEY got it right? It was hard saying 'No' to those enquiries who wanted to pay less for their photographer than they were paying for the bridal bouquet - surely £200 would be better than nothing? Was it worth the time I spent trying new techniques and practising? Was I doing the right thing by using the finest hand-crafted, Italian storybooks when there were so many part-timers offering "Copyright free discs"? Thankfully, I have a secret weapon - the most amazing wife in the world! She was the one who would pick me up and assure me that I was on the right track. She was the one who pointed out that the on-the-side guys wouldn't be around for long (admittedly, there's always more to replace the ones who disappear, but I no longer worry about them) and that, by operating a legitimate business, it would work. She was the one who fed our two girls and paid our mortgage while I established the business. 
Thanks to her, in just three years, I have achieved so many things which I never thought possible, including; photographing members of the royal family, the Scottish First Minister, some of the worlds biggest rock stars & athletes, had my work published in Vogue magazine, a magazine front cover published in eight countries, made the finals of the Scottish Wedding Awards, shot the worlds top models modelling a range of clothes for Julien MacDonald at London Fashion Weekend and been chosen to be one of only two wedding photographers in the world to be endorsed by top manufacturer Cotton Carrier. One of my brides' Mothers recently commented that "You're not really just our photographer anymore - you're one of the family" - how can any award ever top a comment like that?
Instead of trying to be a 'big fish in the small pond of Ayrshire', I set my sights on being the best that I can possibly be wherever that journey may take me. On this adventure, I have been fortunate enough to have photographed at some of Europe's most beautiful and prestigious venues - hell, I'm even being flown to France for five days, this August, to shoot a wedding! Who would ever have thought that would happen? Definitely not me - but I like it and don't intend to stop there! I've also been incredibly proud to watch my oldest daughter turn into a very good wee photographer who, at the age of just seven, sold her first official portrait (of the last Garrison Sergeant Major of Camp Bastion, in Afghanistan, no less!) and has had her work showcased on two equipment manufacturers websites! She's accompanied me to events and portrait shoots and one of her shots from a Trash The Dress shoot was chosen by the bride for the official wedding book! THAT makes me prouder than anything which I have achieved!
So, what does the future hold for KSG Photography? Who knows? I do have some plans and ideas that I'm working on, but I've learned to remain flexible enough to adapt to whatever challenges come along. One thing is for sure though, whatever achievements lay ahead, they will all be thanks to my incredible wife. Thank you, Silviya, for believing in me, supporting me and kicking my arse when I need it. Love you.
Happy 3rd Birthday to KSG Photography!

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