London Fashion Weekend 2014

London Fashion Weekend! (
What images jump straight to your mind? Top designers? Supermodels & catwalk shows? Well, I'm writing this on a Scotland-bound train the day after shooting it, and that's exactly what it was like. Along with several other photographers, I was given the opportunity, thanks to Canon Professional Services ( and Wex Photographic (, to be right there in the photographers pit for three shows on Saturday. The atmosphere was electric! With designers, stylists, models and fashionistas from all over the World descending upon the area, the London Fashion Weekend is truly a breathtaking site!

The first two shows were 'Trend' shows, which, as the name suggests, are there to show some of the trends which made an appearance during the preceding weeks shows. The lighting was excellent, with almost perfectly consistent illumination for the entire length of the runway, so once you had your exposure dialed all you needed to do was frame your shots and time them properly. As the first model hit the catwalk the cameras started firing up like miniature machine-guns, in short 2 or 3 frame bursts. Everyone, after some initial 'chimping' to double-check exposures, settled into it and worked great together to ensure we all had a clear view of the runway. One by one a seemingly never-ending supply of gorgeous models flowed effortlessly along the runway until they were just a couple of feet away, so we had plenty of opportunity to get a good range of shots ranging from full-length to head shots.

After a short break, it was time for show number three - the Designer show. This was to be something extra-special as it was an opportunity to shoot a new range from one of the Worlds' biggest names in fashion designing - Julien MacDonald! ( Lace, sheer, flowing, pastels and whole host of other words could be used to describe the stunning creations which we were wow'd with, but I don't honestly believe they could possibly do any real justice to the outfits. So, I'll do what I try to do best and let my shots do the talking for me (including some personal favourites in black & white)

To view all the images from the London Fashion Weekend catwalk, visit the Gallery at:

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