A look back at 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, it's a great time to reflect on everything which has happened in the last twelve months. There have been highs & lows, lots of hard work and I like to think that my work has evolved and become better than it was this time last year. Looking through my selection of shots I find that I'm including more colour shots than I used to - I still love black & white, but I feel that I'm using colour in a much stronger way than before and I'm really enjoying it. I've spent a lot of time practising new techniques - much two the amusement of my two girls and three dogs, who usually end up being my 'models' - and I'll definitely be finishing the year with a few new 'tools' in my kitbag. Like many photographers, I don't just shoot weddings and I believe that, as well as being the 'spice of life', variety also keeps my skill set constantly evolving and progressing. This allows me to use techniques from different genres to bring something unique to my work and prevents me from falling into the age-old trap of shooting each wedding or portrait exactly the same as every other one I've shot.
This year has seen some massive achievements which, if I'm honest, I never thought would happen to me. I've had work published in Vogue magazine, made it into the top eight finalists in the Scottish Wedding Awards 'Photographer of the Year', had my first magazine front cover published in eight different countries and I was the only photographer allowed behind the scenes for an official portrait of Scotlands First Minister, Alex Salmond, at a Scottish Independence rally (irrespective of my own political views, it was nice to leave the Worlds press photographers outside while I got my shot). 2013 has also seen some major happenings in my personal life, with my eldest daughter, Regina, at the age of just 6yrs old, standing at my side on Horse Guards Parade in London as I photographed the Queens Birthday Parade (aka Trooping The Colour). A very kind Guards officer ensured that my wife and two daughters had there own VIP seats while I was there - Regina wasn't having any of that though. Armed with my G15 compact, she walked past the armed police and Guardsmen to stand by my side and take some amazing shots as the Queen Prince Charles and Prince William passed within a few feet of us. She also accompanied me to the UCI mountain bike World Cup (toting my EOS 40D and occasionally stealing one of the 7D's), beach shoots in Bulgaria and, after turning 7yrs, even managed to persuade one of my brides to let her come along to her Trash The Dress shoot (her resulting work from that one not only made it into the wedding storybook - at the brides request - but was also showcased on ThinkTank Photo's website and shared by Cotton Carrier on their Facebook page. So, there's every chance that this post next year will be written by her!
I am often asked to photograph military events, and this year was no different. One event, in particular, was a very emotional one as the Scots Guards had their Welcome Home parade. Photographing the men from my old regiment is always an honour, but to be there and welcome them home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan made it even more special. I often refer to these men as my brothers, for that is just who they are. A few of the men I served with are still with the regiment and there's a life-long bond which is very hard to explain to those who haven't been there. Suffice to say that we have shared good times and bad, celebrated lives saved and mourned the loss of others. Such is the bond among the Scots Guards, it is not uncommon for me to told to "Bring the girls with you, Kev - we're all family"  And that's the reason why you'll see the youngest member of this elite regiment standing outside Edinburgh Castle wearing a bearskin hat which is almost as big as she is!

I would like to say a massive 'Thank You' to everyone who chose me to photograph them this year. Whether it was for a wedding, family portrait or an event, It's always nice when people decide that I will be the one to provide the memories which they, and their families, will look back on for many years to come.
To everyone who've booked me for their 2014, 2015 and 2016 wedding (yes, that was another shock - bookings for weddings 3 years in advance!?) - I really can't wait!

Listening to this wee 9yr old tell us about her battle with cancer reminded me that not all heroes wear medals. I shot most of her speech through a flood of tears.

Rock stars galore!

Alter Bridge

Pretty Reckless

Rachelle Rhienne

Laura Wilde

Reginas work from Trooping The Colour (yes, I had to create her own logo - "They're MY copyright, Dad!") 

There can't be too many 6yr olds who've photographed a current Sovereign and her next two successors in one day, can there? And even fewer who managed, in my opinion, such a damned good job :)

Which one is mine and which one is Reginas? Your guess is as good as mine ;)

A couple of promotional shots for a local bridal wear shop, which is why there's a lot more processing that I normally use.

Making a fraction of a second... last a lifetime


  1. Some real stoaters in there Kevin. Not a bad year at all.


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