Snapper ruins brides big day!

The first part of the following tale is based on a true story (well, some of it is, at least):

If you're a bride-to-be, you're probably going through a roller-coaster of emotions as you plan your big day, aren't you? The excitement you get when you go dress shopping and find The One! Looking at all those colour swatches as you select YOUR colour schemes. Choosing YOUR flowers. The butterflies that erupt in your stomach as you walk around and know that you've found YOUR venue. In your case, it's a gorgeous 15th century manor house, with immaculately kept gardens, woods and some picturesque waterfalls and pools which you just know will be great for photos. You picture how it will look when its decorated the way YOU want. You see the faces of your family and friends as they turn their heads to watch you walk down the aisle. You imagine how your photos will look when you see them in a beautiful storybook or album, as prints framed on the walls of your home. You may even dare to think of the nights you'll sit with your children and grandchildren, years from now, sharing with them the memories of the most romantic day of your life.
So, the months roll along and the excitement builds as the day gets closer and then suddenly - you waken up one morning and discover that it's here! All the planning, the big choices (and the little ones), the stress, the disagreements, the strops, the compromises (isn't it funny the way you can make him think you're compromising - while you get EXACTLY what you wanted in the first place?) - everything has been about this day, and there's no more waiting! Your hair and make-up are beautifully done. Everyone is buzzing around you to make sure that YOU'RE happy - that the world revolves around YOU today. You get to spend an entire day in YOUR dress! Feels great, doesn't it?

Those images you had in your head, all those months (or years) ago are realised TODAY! The faces on the way down the aisle, smiling and crying at the same time. You may even be calm enough to notice the decorations and flowers. Then your hand meets his. There are the rings, a kiss and it's done. Husband and wife, side-by-side, surrounded by the people who mean the most to you both. Everyone crowds around you, desperate to congratulate you and grab a quick photo of the happy couple. But, sadly, they'll have to wait a wee while longer as you've got the official photographs to have taken first.
Thankfully, a family friend offered to fill this role. He's a nice guy who - very importantly - has got a good camera; loads of megapixels, built-in flash and a zoom lens etc. It's even got a setting which does all the hard stuff (like setting exposure etc.) for him - he just needs to point it and press the button. Perfect! You simply can't go wrong, can you? What's even better is the fact that, as it's a hobby for him, he doesn't need to worry about paying tax, insurance etc. so he's only charging you a couple of hundred pounds.

He's been on hand to get some shots during the ceremony and a couple of shots of you both signing the register. After taking a few group shots with your family and bridal party, he leads you through the hotel grounds and you realise that he's taking you to those woods with the waterfalls and pools. Perfect! He's read your mind. As you walk, you just have to ask "Did you get any nice shots?" 'Oh, yes' comes the reply 'and I've still got space on the memory card for a few more' Great! 
He asks you both to stand beside a pool under the shade of a huge tree, which is a nice contrast with the blue sky and white clouds above, as he rushes to the other side of the pool and pops up the flash on his camera. You turn to your new husband, your eyes meet and so do your lips. You close your eyes as you can only dream of how beautiful - how perfect - this photo is going to be. Even with your eyes closed, you see the flash and you know this is a killer shot! This is one to frame and hang in your home! Then you hear the splash! He's slipped on a wet rock and landed in the pool - camera and all! Please don't try to imagine how you'd feel as the reality dawns on you that, not only is the camera dead (so he won't be taking any more photographs today) but, more importantly, every single snap he took on that memory card is probably gone! He's, understandably, upset that his camera is now full of water. You, on the other hand, would probably be more upset that you'll now have to rely on your guests putting their camera phone pics onto a disc for you to help make a wedding album. Never mind, you'll laugh as you explain to your grandchildren why "Gran and Papa's wedding photos are all kinda fuzzy"... At least you saved yourself a fortune by not hiring one of those "over-priced photographers who charge you telephone numbers the minute they hear 'wedding'..."

Now, for the second part of our tale - which is a true story:

The first part is pretty much the same as the first tale. The big difference is - you chose a professional photographer. You chose someone whose work you loved so much that it didn't matter if he was based in another country - you wanted him to shoot your wedding (he was even heard to tell the Master of Ceremonies that it was one of the greatest compliments he's ever received).
Throughout the day any sharp-eyed guests may have noticed that he kept changing memory cards - not because there was anything wrong, but because he prefers to keep each section of the day on a new card "... just in case anything happens, I only need to re-take a few shots instead of an entire wedding" he told his assistant. As you and your husband walked towards the big tree you noticed that he was soaking wet. Apparently, he had been taking a couple of test shots to make sure the photograph was taken quickly so you could get back to your guests, when he lost his footing and landed in the pool - complete with two cameras, lenses and a flash. Thankfully, you didn't notice that he appeared to spring back out of it faster than he went in - or the quick look around to make sure no-one had a video-camera pointing in his direction. A quick check revealed that one camera had only taken a slight splash and was quickly wiped dry, but the other was desperately in need of some TLC. You certainly didn't notice him sending his assistant to the car for one of his spare cameras and a flash. Still dripping wet, he guided you both into position and carried on shooting. You turn to your new husband, your eyes meet and so do your lips. You close your eyes as you can only dream of how beautiful - how perfect - this photo is going to be. Even with your eyes closed, you see the flash and you know this is a killer shot! This is one to frame and hang in your home!  A few seconds later, as you made your way back to your guests, he proudly announced "I got the shot" (apparently, that's the only thing which mattered?)
The rest of the day went a lot smoother (and drier) and the next thing you know, you're on a 'plane and off on your honeymoon. Didn't the day just fly past in a blur? You missed half of the things that went on (or so it seems) - but don't worry, everyone will be only too happy to tell you on Facebook about the bits you missed. At least you managed to see a couple of your wedding photographs before you got on the 'plane - and, apparently, you "love" the shot by the pool (he was right - that was all that mattered)
You see, the camera which landed in the pool had only 3 photos on it - test shots, taken on a fresh card as it was a new section of the days events. Having a couple of spare cameras (apparently he calls them 'back-up bodies', must be a 'photographer' thing?) meant that he could keep on shooting for the rest of the evening without missing a single shot.
It would later turn out that a fast-acting Master of Ceremonies, who tasked a member of the hotel staff to dry the camera off with a hairdryer, saved a very costly repair bill - and possibly even the cost of replacing at least one camera and lens (the flash, however, has gone to the big flash-graveyard in the sky). But why hadn't the photographer been upset by the possible loss of such an expensive piece of equipment? Surely, the cost of a professional-level camera and lens must be significantly more than an average monthly salary? Well, yes, possibly, but - as a professional - he made sure that the tools of his trade were properly insured, so there really was nothing to worry about (by 10am the following morning, his insurance company had already agreed to cover the cost of repair or replacement of his kit). Having back-up cameras, lenses, flashes and insurance meant that any breakages could be dealt with later - allowing him to carry on and do his job:

Making a fraction of a second... last a lifetime

KSG Photography would like to wish Emma and Tony a long and happy life together - it was an honour to be the one you chose to share your day with you.



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