Beauty, brawn & brains

Once upon a time (no, wait a minute, it gets better - I promise) I worked within the health club industry (working with lycra-clad women around appealed to me much more than joining the police when I left the armed forces). I managed gyms, trained instructors (even writing a few gym instructor and spin-style manuals and training courses) and presented at fitness conventions. During those years, a few stars came my way - those rare instructors who had that extra-special 'something'. One of those, the subject of this shoot, was Karen Gunning ( moved to Dubai. Fast-forward 10 years and Karen is now a very successful trainer and presenter who has recently won her first female bodybuilding competition. Focusing on figure competitions rather than physique means that, although she carries more muscle than your average girl in the street she still maintains a very feminine look. So, after her competition she came back to Scotland to visit her family and she asked if I could arrange some studio time as she wanted a set of shots which would show that, despite some peoples mis-guided beliefs, she was still feminine and attractive. She also needed some shots to use as profile shots for her website, blog and magazine articles.
So, after some straightforward shots on a white background, we moved onto a set-up which would show off that amazing figure a bit more. Here's how they turned out:

 In her competition outfit

 Okay, so most of these shots are black & white - my preferred medium - but I really like this one in colour.

So, muscles/ beauty/ femininity - does it work?


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