Alison & David

I first met Alison while her fiancé, David, was in Afghanistan with the RAF. Almost everything was ready - they just needed a photographer! So, after meeting at a wedding fayre, I visited Alison and her chief bridesmaid, Alison (stay sharp - this could get confusing) to discuss her plans and see just how I could help make her big day.
Despite David's initial disappointment at not being involved in this crucial decision, he quickly relaxed after Alison (the bride) gave him my website address and told him I had served with the Scots Guards - he was happy with my work and knew that I'd apply the typical high standard of the Guards to the way I conducted myself on the day. I met David at their pre-wedding shoot and we got on like a house on fire - maybe it was the forces connection, maybe he saw how much it meant to me to ensure his bride was happy with her wedding photography... I like to think it was a combination of both? I must have done something right, as he told me at the wedding that he'd made a gift for me - a handmade walking stick (he had heard me mention that I love walking my dogs and decided that he wanted to do this for me!)
Anyway, on to the good bit (God, I do rabbit on a bit, don't I?). As Alison and David walked out of the Brisbane Hotel to a beautiful sunny day in Largs, they were surprised by a Guard of Honour, arranged in secret by his RAF buddies! To top it all off, we had a beautiful sunset as we looked across the Firth of Clyde. As I caught the last, fleeting rays of sun behind their lips, I was proud to be the one chosen to capture these special memories for such a lovely bride and her Hero.


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