A night among Heroes

I have been fortunate enough to have some true honours bestowed upon me. However, to be asked to be the official photographer at some very special events on behalf of my old regiment, the Scots Guards, certainly ranks as one of the highest.
And so, my first official job for this mighty regiment was the Warrant Officers & Sergeants Mess Past & Present annual dinner in Edinburgh.
I was surrounded by many old friends who chose the path of serving in the regiment longer than I, as well as a mix of younger soldiers and ex-members dating back to WWII and many campaigns in between. As anyone with military experience will tell you, when old army friends meet up after years apart they can strike up a conversation as if they'd seen each other yesterday. They laughed about times gone past as well as talk about the battalion and it's imminent deployment to Afghanistan (by the time you read this, the men of the 1st Bn Scots Guards will already be on the frontline) And so it was, as young and old, friends and comrades shared an evening among Brothers.... among Heroes.


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