Work, work, work...

Today, I think I could make a fortune selling pain-killers on the local beach, here in Bulgaria.
Why? Well, after spending some time shooting the incredible Milena in the surf at a quiet spot (and another victory for the Thinktank Photo Skin set belt system - no need to leave bags on the beach and even when I was knee deep in the waves shooting this beauty - yes, I know, it's a tough life - everything I needed was easily accessible.), we had to walk along the front of the main beach. 'Nothing special about that' I hear you cry - that is, of course, until you see the amazing swimsuit she was modelling! It made it fairly easy to spot the guys who were either blind or gay - they were the ones without whiplash to their necks as she walked past.
This girl is truly amazing and it's no surprise that photographers from all over Europe are desperate to shoot with her. She excels at anything you ask her to do, even when you ask her to get into some strong tidal water for a sunset shot - and when she nearly gets swept away, only THEN does she mention that she can't swim! When I asked her why she agreed to get in the water she just said "well, you wanted the shot - I had to try?" Crazy? Yes. Talented? Definitely. Beautiful? ABSOLUTELY!


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