Out with the apprentice

This evening, I was reminded that I had promised Daughter #1 I would take her out taking photos to let her apply some of the things she's been learning.
So, we headed along the beach to a nice viewpoint of the old town of Nessebar (a world heritage site) and let her loose with my wee Canon G9 compact camera and a cheapo tripod I've had laying around over here for years. With the display set to show the 'Rule of Thirds' grid overlaid on the screen I let her do her own thing. I felt proud as punch as I watched her adjust the tripod and camera until she was happy with the view, before playing around with the exposure settings "Too bright, Dad. I need a faster shutter speed, don't I?" Jesus, she knows more than a lot of the clowns out there who claim to be pro's!
Once she had taken 4 or 5 shots of the town, she decided it was portrait time - with Dad well and truly out of his comfort zone and in front of the camera :( Again, she composed the shot and told me EXACTLY how I should pose (and woe betide me if I didn't get it right!) Finally, I decided that I needed to get a shot of us together to show Mum. It's one thing to take a great shot - but watching your wee lassie take one is even better! (although she's now invited herself to attend tomorrows shoot with the G9!!!)


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