Fun in the sun - part 2

Less than 24 hours after shooting the lovely Valentina, it was time for the first double-trouble shoot of the trip.
I don't think these girls ever stopped smiling and laughing all day - in fact, it was a hard job getting them to stop smiling for some of the looks we were going for. Even being the pain-in-the-arse that I am, every time I saw another shot that 'just had to be taken', they still kept laughing and agreed. As we wrapped up the shoot and the sun set behind us, I asked the girls if we could grab a couple of quick 'moody' shots - to prove that they could stop smiling. All I can say is that I was shooting at 1/320th of a second - and that still wasn't fast enough to catch them without a smile. So, I figured what the hell - why break the habit of a whole shoot?


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