Fun in the sun - part 1

After a couple of days to acclimatise to the temperature being about 15° higher than the UK, and meeting my wedding couple (24 hours before the wedding was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, sadly) today saw the first of my models arrive for her portfolio shoot.
Valentina had never been in front of a professional photographer before, but she relaxed and settled in quite quickly. After a wee while she started to relax and we broke down the language barriers as well as found some poses which she felt comfortable with and looked good in, we had a couple of outfit changes and we were both happy with the results.
Here are a couple of shots which I quickly edited with Photoshop Express on the iPad. Despite being quite a limited programme, I quite like the fact that there's only a certain amount of adjustments you can make - it means you have to get the shot right in-camera and it's ideal to allow photographers to share a couple of shots until they get back to base.


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