Double-trouble part 2

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of shooting two great models who I've worked with before - Krissy and Aleks.
It's almost 2 years since I last worked with them and boy, have they come on in leaps and bounds! Since our last shoot, both girls have enjoyed shoots all over Europe and the experience really shows. They have clearly worked very hard at learning their trade and have become very confident, competent models, who are able to demonstrate a wide range of looks. One of the interesting thing about them is how well they work together - never trying to upstage on another, but complimenting each other and working as a team - a very rare thing in the world of modelling. Despite having slightly different body types (Krissy is very slim and petite, where Aleks is more voluptuous) the girls compliment each other beautifully when shooting together.
I've included a few shots which were quickly edited on the iPad to give you an idea of how we got on (including a few taken by The G - my 5 yr old daughter who jumped between my EOS 1Ds and my 7d as she actually took over the bloody shoot and directed the girls into the poses EXACTLY as she wanted - "No, you're just not getting it - like THIS, please?" as she demonstrated how they should be) and who is now hinting for a 'proper - BIG camera' for her birthday at the end of the month!


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