Perfect timing

Tonight, I managed to convince Gillian and Stewart that we should ignore the wind and rain to get some shots at the beach for their pre-wedding shoot - "You're not right in the bloody head!" said Stewart, but still - maybe he's just a wee bit crazier for following me ;)
Shortly before we had arranged to meet, the rain stopped and the skies looked nice and stormy, so my plan was coming along nicely. After a quick chat, we headed out across some rocks and managed to get a few shots which we were all happy with then headed back to the cars. It was almost as if the 'Big Guy in the sky' had been watching over us, for no sooner had Gillian and Stewart driven away than the heavens opened - in true Scottish style!
So, I'd like to say a big 'Thanks' to you both for having the faith in me (and the iPhone weather app ;) ) and allowing me to create something a wee bit different - I can't wait for the big day! Here are a few samples of how it went:


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