Here we go!

Well, after learning a bit more about Twitter, I reckoned it was about time I started this 'blogging' thing that I keep hearing about. I'll try to keep things as sensible as possible, whilst sharing some of my thoughts and views on photography, the universe and everything... So, I reckon a wee bit of background info should be my first one, right? Having been interested in photography all my life, it wasn't until a trip to Kenya, while serving with the Scots Guards, in 1991 that I finally decided I wanted to buy a 'proper' camera. So, a Canon EOS 1000F was bought with a 35-80 and 70-210 lenses and an incredible amount of money spent on books, magazines, film (remember that?) and filters. The initial idea was to document seem of my travels although, like most of us, I tried my hand at a few different subjects. A chance request from two girls who wanted to build a their glamour portfolios saw the start of several years where most of my shooting (still a happy amateur at the time) glamour. Admittedly, this wasn't the worst way to pass time, but over the years I've witnessed what, in my opinion, has been the demise of the market for proper glamour photography due to the ever increasing demand by certain weekly 'lads mags' for regular shots of girls with little or no clothing. The downside to this demand is that almost any girl who is prepared to strip off can almost guarantee a spot in a magazine - and, although there are still some photographers delivering high quality images for the market, the demand means that the supply doesn't have to be a particularly high standard. I've lost count of the number of 'models' - oh, God, please spare me!!! - who contact me asking if I would be interested in paying them for a shoot. Realistically, most of them should be shot with a .50 cal machine gun! Here's a wee tip - if you need every single shot to be airbrushed to slim you down, clear up your acne/ moustache/ wrinkles/ hangover bags under the eyes - YOU'RE NOT A MODEL!!! "Oh, but I've been published in **** magazine, so I'm a model" Yes, but a camera-phone shot of you pressing your naked boobs against a phone box window doesn't really count! (true story) Over time, I found myself being drawn more towards capturing images that would make an impact and leave a lasting impression and, like many before me, I started being asked to shoot friends' weddings. Being something of an old romantic, I found that this was something I really enjoyed. Being a digital convert by this point meant that the old days of worrying for a couple of weeks until your films were processed were long gone and with this came the chance to experiment and create something different (once you knew you had your 'straight' shots in the bag). As I find myself drawn towards my fellow human-beings (still-life sends me to sleep and landscapes tend to be a more 'opportunistic' thing nowadays for me), I enjoy the interaction when shooting a wedding couple, portrait sitting or the occasional model portfolio (not that many nowadays, but still, business is business, right?). You will also find me at many sporting events - no, not football: a complete waste of time to watch 22 over-paid actors kick a lump of leather for 90 minutes, in my opinion - but real sports: martial arts, mountain biking - that sort of thing. Sports I've taken part in over the years and still like to train in or participate in. I believe that my experiences in these sports help me to anticipate what's coming and shoot from the participants point of view. So, 21 years after starting, I'm now earning a living from my passion (still using Canon cameras) live in the most beautiful country in the World - Scotland - and my plan for this blog thingy is to tell you how I see it - no punches pulled, no bullshit, no loyalties to anyone - straight down the middle. As I try out any new kit - I'll tell you the good points and the bad. Good photographers I find, bad ones I uncover - hey, what the hell, I'll share my thoughts with you too. If there's a piece of kit you want to know about in the real world, just ask - if I've used it, you'll get my honest view. Just starting out and want some advice? I'll do my best to help - its only fair, as others spent time helping me, it's time to pay it forward. Well, that's pretty much it for my very first blog. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and follow me on Twitter @ksgphotography and Facebook All the best Kev


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