A rainy day at Buckingham Palace with the Fujifilm X-Pro2, ThinkTank Photo and Cotton Carrier

Thursday May 18th 2017 was one of the proudest days of my career as a photographer. I had been hired by my old regiment, the Scots Guards, to provide the official photographs for the presentation of the new regimental colours by HM Queen Elizabeth II, at Buckingham Palace - so no pressure there then!
NOTE: The first part of this blog post is a review on the equipment I used. If you just want to see some shots from the ceremony, please scroll down the page.

For weeks I planned, and re-planned the list of kit which I would take. Would I really need this? What if an opportunity came up and I needed that? In the end, I opted to take almost every piece of kit I own as I decided that I'd rather carry a bit more weight than be standing in front of The Queen and wishing I had brought a certain lens with me. Some things, however, were always going to go with me irrespective of which cameras and lenses I took.
Number 1: My Cotton Carrier chest harness. This is possibly the greatest photogra…

Lighting workshop at Adamton House

After receiving a lot of requests from photographers asking if I could run a workshop on photographic lighting I recently run one at Adamton House - a beautiful venue, set in 12 acres in the beautiful Ayrshire countryside and easily accessible by road and rail. This late 19th-century building is perfect for dramatic shots, as well as having high enough ceilings that I could fit my lightstands without hitting the ceilings. I booked two beautiful models, Alana and Zoi. Both girls worked extremely hard and everyone who attended went away with some great shots. We covered a range of set-ups ranging from shooting with a single, bare speedlite to multiple light set-ups with a variety of modifiers and showed how we could get great results from relatively inexpensive kit, as well as some more costly equipment. I'll add a kit list at the end of this blog post for those who may be interested. I have to say a huge Thank You to: Joanna Prescious - makeup  Alan from Wimborne Photography - assis…